What is SSL Pinning? (Secure Socket Layer)

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SSL Pinning

Hello All, Today we will see one of the important questions asked in the banking domain interview is What is SSL Pinning? So we will learn SSL Pinning in this session and in the next session we will see how to implement SSL Pinning in Ionic 3.

What is SSL Pinning?

SSL(Secure Socket Layer) Pinning means it’s a client-side technique that is specially used to avoid middle man attacks by validating server trusted certificates. In simple words, The client can only communicate with a trusted secure server. The trusted server has one valid certificate and the client has the same certificate, when pinning occurs it can be validated through the whole certificate or by hashed key.

Commonly people use to validate by using a Hashed key. A hashed key is a public key. If both the keys are getting matched then only the client can communicate with the server otherwise connection gets aborted. So, that’s it this is how a client can communicate with the trusted server to avoid middle man attacks.

In the next blog, We will see how to implement SSL Pinning in Ionic 3

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