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Hello All, Today we will discuss How to create a firebase project for android in the google firebase console? How to add firebase to android project. I am considering that you already know about What is firebase? If you don’t know kindly see this post.

How to create a firebase project using a firebase console?

If you want to integrate your Android application with the google firebase project then you must know about How to create a project in the Firebase console to do that follow the below steps :

1. Go to the firebase console :

Please click here to go directly to the firebase console & login with google credentials.  

2. Click on Create Project :


As shown in over image Click on Create a project.

3. Write project name :

Write the project name & click on continue as shown in the below image :  


4. Enable google analytics & click continue :


5. Read & Accept the terms & conditions :


After clicking on Create project you can able to see the newly created project on the firebase dashboard.

How to add firebase to your android application?

  After creating a project in the Firebase console we will see How to add firebase to your android application.   Please follow the below steps to add firebase :  

1. Click on a newly created project which is available in the firebase dashboard.

2. Click on the android icon to add firebase to the android application. Please see the below image for more details:


3. Register your android application :

Please see the below image to register your application in the firebase.  


Note: Write the package name the same as your android application.

4. Download config file :

Please see the below image for more details :  


download the above google-services.json file & include it on your android project. Copy this file into the app folder as shown in below image :  


5. You can skip the Add firebase SDK step.

6. You can skip run your app to verify the installation.

  In the next blog, We will see the actual example to communicate with the firebase server.

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