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How to install react native

Hello All, In this topic we will see how to install react native & start the mobile application development using react native. Before installation we need to understand What is react native ? & What are the advantages of react native applications ? So, let’s start

What is react native ?

React Native is mobile application development framework use to develop native application using React JS which is best JavaScript library.

What are the advantages of React Native application?

  • As it uses native functionality complex coding & design is possible
  • Faster & Smoother application can develop
  • Developed & Maintain by Facebook

Installation steps

  • Make sure you have installed Java JDK, Android SDK & Node JS
  • Open command prompt in administrative mode & write the following command
npm install -g create-react-native-app
  • Go to workspace( Any folder where you want to create a new project ) in CLI & write create-react-native-app ReactNativeTutorial & press enter then it will ask you following question
  1. How would you like to start ?
  2. => Select Default new app
  3. => Click enter
  • This above steps will create the react native project for you. After that write below command install the react native CLI
npm install -g react-native-cli
  • Write below command to start the application
react-native start

After writing above command in CLI you can able to see the react native logo. If you able to see this logo then your installation steps are correct.

  • To run the application in android device Or in emulator then write the following command
react-native run-android

Follow this above steps & you will successfully able to install & run the application in react native. In next tutorial we will see How to run react native application in browser. Stay tuned for more react native tutorials.


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