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Today, We will discuss the HTML marquee. In this topic, We will focus on topics like what is a marquee in HTML? How to implement the marquee in HTML? So, We discuss this concept with help of an example.  

What is a MARQUEE in HTML?

If you saw the bottom side of most of the news channel you saw the one horizontal row of text messages continuously running with some news or any texts, the marquee is the same thing which continuously running on your website or you can say the text you want to show the user which is important to relate your website can be shown by this way. This marquee can be either displayed in different directions. Normally the marquees are running from right to left of the screen.

How to implement the MARQUEE in HTML?

We discuss the same with the help of an example :



    <h1>HTML : marquee example</h1>


    <marquee >Hello..this is marquee text...</marquee>







If you see the small text below the title. This text is continuously running from right to left of the screen.

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