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What is the difference between native & hybrid applications ?

Hello All, Today we will see the basic difference between native & hybrid applications. We also discuss about what are the advantages & disadvantages of native & hybrid applications. If you are developer of native android or IOS application then you might know about the benefits of it but If you are the hybrid mobile application developer then you must have to know about benefits of native android or IOS applications & vice versa.

What is Native Mobile Application ?

Most of the native applications are either develop in android or IOS operating system. If the application was developed in native android then developer must have to use Java or Kotlin language. In case of native IOS application development developer must have to use Objective C or Swift language. The native android or IOS application have their own benefits as well as the disadvantages. We will discuss them in further section.

What is Hybrid Mobile Application ?

Hybrid application is develop by using the basic language like HTML , JavaScript & CSS. Now, the modern applications are develop using angular, react or vue js. The different frameworks like Ionic, Xamarin, React-native etc. The hybrid mobile applications also have advantages and disadvantages which will see in further section.

Native Mobile Application Advantages / Disadvantages

Advantages of native mobile application

  • Complex code & advanced UI design
  • Get instant help from internet as it having more tutorials available
  • Many plugins available
  • Responsive design
  • Secure than hybrid application

Disadvantages of native mobile application

  • Different OS have to use different languages for app development like Android OS uses Java / Kotlin where as IOS OS uses Objective C/ Swift. Have to maintain separate code for separate OS application
  • Development cost is more

Hybrid Mobile Application Advantages / Disadvantages

Advantages of hybrid mobile application

  • Same code can be used for different OS ( little modification is required )
  • Web developer can easily developed the application, So development cost is less
  • Easy to maintain
  • Responsive design

Disadvantages of hybrid mobile application

  • Advance design & Complex coding is difficult
  • Slower than native apps
  • Less secure than native application


As per above discussion, both application development are have some advantages & disadvantages. If you want to develop secure application then you must go with native application but if you have less number of developers & want to reduce development cost then go with hybrid application development. After all choice is yours 🙂

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