Mobile number validation in Angular 13 | Angular 13 tutorial

mobile number validation

Hello All, In this angular 13 tutorial, We will discuss How to implement mobile number validation in angular 13 applications. In the last angular tutorial, We had discussed How to create a search filter functionality in angular applications. In reactive forms, We need to validate 10 digits mobile numbers. This can be validated using Validators … Read more

How to create search filter functionality in angular


Hello All, In the last angular tutorial we had discussed How to create pdf viewer in angular. Now, In this angular tutorial, we will learn how to create search filter functionality in angular applications in detail with the help of an example. In this example, we are going to use the npm package ng2-search-filter. Nowadays, … Read more


Hello All, In this topic we will discuss about <ion-list> & <ion-card>. The list in Ionic can be shown by <ion-list> tag & card can be shown by <ion-card>. Later, we will see the example of implementation ionic 4 lists & cards. We will also see what are the different things which we can include … Read more

Translate Using Ionic 3 & Angular 5


In this topic, We will see about translate functionality given by angular. It means if you want to translate some data in your language then use ngx-translate/core. By using this package we can able to translate data into multiple languages. Sometimes we have requirements from clients that they want to display mobile applications in their … Read more