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Hello All, If you want to develop a stand-alone application for the web using angular 5 then you must have angular 5 installed on your computer. Before installing Angular 5 make sure you have node js installed on your computer. For installation of Angular 5 Kindly follow the below steps :  

Steps to install Angular 5 :

1. Open the CMD & write the below command :

npm i -g @angular/cli

2. Go to the directory where your workspace is located.

–>example : D:/Angular5 –> in my case

–>To create a new project

ng new TodoApplication

Kindly see the below screenshot for more details :


    –> if you face this error   Please find the below screenshot for error details :


  –> If you get the above error while creating angular 5 application probably because the angular CLI requires a minimum Node.js version of either v10.13 or v12.0, to avoid this error follow the below steps :  

 npm cache clean -f  
npm update -g	

If you follow the above steps you can able to create an Angular 5 application.

To run the application write the below command :

ng serve

Please find the below screenshot for more details :


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